Off The Grid Lighting Options

When we were preparing to go off grid, one of the first things we looked at was lighting. There are a dizzying number of options these days, but as I usually find…keeping it simple, is best. I have laid out some of the best off the grid lighting options I could find.

Off The Grid Lighting Options

Off The Grid Lighting Options

One surprising change that we embraced, was setting our (internal) clock to the rhythm of natural daylight. When it was getting dark, we wound things down and went to bed. This is a bit more challenging in the winter, but it was something we initially didn’t even have on our radar. It’s a winning strategy in the summertime to be sure!

However, summer fades and so does all that glorious natural lighting.

Thankfully, off grid lighting is one of the easier ‘off grid’ challenges to address.  Here is what we do:

Natural light.

Throw open the curtains and enjoy all that natural lighting from sun up to sun down!


I love lantern light because it’s so darn cozy. It is very practical as well! Dietz Lanternsare excellent, and when they are secured with hanging brackets or in locations where they cannot be knocked over they are my ‘go to’ lighting source. In the summer months we may never light them, but come wintertime they cast wonderful bright light!

LED Lantern.

A few years back we purchased a Ge Enbrighten Led Lantern and were blown away by the battery life and the light it gives off. Had I know how fantastic this little gem was at the time, I would have bought a few more! This thing has taken some serious abuse and it’s been a workhorse. These are also wonderful in the bathroom, for short lighting needs and work great if you have children. Simple button on/off. No fire danger. WINNER.

Candles, Flashlights and Headlamps—oh my!

Candles are an obvious fire hazard; that aside, I love beeswax candles. They burn clean, even and bright. We make our own, so this is a no-brainer for us.  Ugh. I have a love/hate relationship with flashlights.  So many great ones, you just have to weed through the cheap, garbage ones to find the winners. They are an obvious tool in the off grid lighting quest. Headlamps are always a great choice for hands free lighting and walking around in the dark, indoors or out.

Strands of solar lights.

We purchased some of these for an outdoor occasion and they ended up decorating a shelf in the kitchen. Low and behold these make a fantastic ‘night lights’!

Off grid lighting doesn’t have to be rocket science; we keep it simple…and that works for us.


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