Tiny House Blogs – Family Friendly Tiny Homes

I have probably said it before, but I’ll say it again: if we go off-grid, it will in large part be to live more economically. To that end, we keep coming back to the idea of tiny houses (although you can spend a big enough bundle on those, too!). We have two children, a boy and a girl, so we need three separate sleeping spaces. We probably won’t go tiny, though we might go small. Nonetheless, I’m intrigued by some of these solutions I’ve found. These tiny house blogs have great articles about family friendly tiny homes. Well worth the read in your research.


Tiny House Blogs – Family Friendly Tiny Homes

Jack n’ Jill Tiny House

I’m not 100% sure where the parents sleep in this arrangement by Tiny Green Cabins, but I think the bunk bed design with separate, private entrances on opposite sides of the bed is brilliant and the best use of space that I’ve found.

Journey of Two Old Souls Tiny House for 7!

This is a bigger tiny house than some, but it has separate sleeping space for five kids! Wow, pretty amazing. It looks like the spaces are tailored for different sized kids; I wonder what kind of temporary solution could be used for walls so that they could be reconfigured as kids grow and possibly as some move out.

Are you looking for some coffee table inspiration? Check out these books on tiny homes:

Living Small

The Marie Colvin

If you’re a tiny house fan at all, you know Jay Shafer. One of my favorite tiny house designs for a family is the Marie Colvin. I’ve seen quite a few houses that have two lofts and a downstairs bedroom, but I think this one does it best. I like the little dining room in the front particularly, and it is a bit more spacious than some.

New Vesica

I believe this is another Jay Shafer design from when he was with Tumbleweed Tiny Homes. I like how it looks even more like a traditional house than the houses on wheels. Because this is a house on a foundation, the loft does not meet residential building code for bedrooms, but I’m sure it is big enough to split into two beds.

Tiny House, Big Solution

The other houses are ones I’ve been eyeing for awhile; this one I just found while researching this post and wow! It’s awesome! I wouldn’t want my kids having a stairway into my room, and I’d add a wall on the edges of their lofts, but basically this looks like a great layout.

A campground near us has full time RV’s and many of them have a huge screen porch built on that doubles the living space and opens so many more options for play space that I think I would insist on that. Many also have storage sheds–I think I’d want a storage shed office to work in. With those two additions, maybe a tiny house could work for us after all. We’ll see!

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